About Me

Who am I?

I am a white man born and raised in the American South. I have a wife and two boys and a dog. My love of travel has brought me around the world. I like music, food, and good weather :).

Why this blog?

I began this blog out of concern for a group of threats that are eroding civil society, human decency, civic institutions, and the natural world. These threats include a rising lack of respect for science, the influence of money in politics, and the rise of religious extremism.

Political Affiliation?

I have always been politically independent, non-partisan. Partisanship is corrosive to genuine concern and it consumes our politicians and the media coverage of them. I don’t care for either of the main political parties, but that’s what we are mostly stuck with in the US. I think that both parties have lost their authentic political footing. In other word Republicans are not really conservative and Democrats are not genuinely liberal, both have been seduced by the same largely nameless ideology called neo-liberalism which is wreaking havoc on civic institutions and the natural world.