10 Reasons You Will Like Electric Cars

Electric Vehicles are the future of transportation for a number of reasons.

The main reason is that they are simply a better product than traditional vehicles.

If you like cars, you will love electric vehicles.

  1. They are faster than traditional vehicles.
  2. They have instant acceleration due to the immediate torque power.

If you don’t like spending time and money fueling up and changing oil and other maintenance, you will love electric cars:

  1. They require no gasoline. You can plug in and charge at home or work or while shopping.
  2. They require no oil or oil changes.
  3. They require very little maintenance as there are vastly fewer moving parts.
  4. All of this leads to cost savings over traditional vehicles that add up to thousands of dollars per year. See here.

If you like clean air you will love electric vehicles.

  1. There are no emissions; there is no tailpipe! Any emissions happen at power generation.

If you like quiet you will love electric vehicles.

  1. The “engine” is silent. The only sounds are road noise and wind.

Other benefits of going electric include:

  1. You can enjoy benefits like preferred parking and special commuter lanes.
  2. You can help establish energy independence and greater global security.

An additional benefit, may be a generous rebate on buying an EV. So, if you are shopping for a vehicle, be sure to research what electric vehicles are available where you live, as well as what government rebates are available.

Are there any drawbacks to going electric?

Yes, there are two related issues, which are being resolved by engineers and material scientists.

The number one concern is the range which is closely related to another issue, charging time.

As of September 2018 there are three fully electric vehicles which essentially resolve range anxiety issues: The Tesla Model S (100D), the Chevy Bolt, and the Tesla Model S (60D). These vehicles have ranges of 335 miles, 238 miles, and 218 miles on a full charge.

For more on range and charging see my post here.

The good news about both of these drawbacks is that they are not permanent drawbacks, they are being resolved in real time. In the near future, EVs will have greater range on a full charge than conventional vehicles on a full tank of gas and DC fast charging stations are popping up everywhere with billions of dollars being poured into new charging infrastructure worldwide. Once these concerns are fully removed there will be no substantial user drawbacks to going electric, which is why, I am certain (barring quick advances in fuel cells or other tech) the future of private transportation is electric. What are you waiting for?

8 thoughts on “10 Reasons You Will Like Electric Cars

  1. You missed three big benefits of electric cars. One they eliminate the need to go to war for oil/gasoline. Two when used with solar panels you won’t be contributing to climate change. Three they are much cheaper to drive at 3 cents a mile. Comparable ice cars are 10 to 12 cents per mile. Any additional upfront cost Will be recouped in two or three years. If you want a better return on your money you will need to buy politicians.


  2. I rechecked my math and my 2015 Ford Focus costs 3.7 cent per mile. More in the Detroit winter and less in the summer. My three year average is 250 Watts per mile. The price of Electric is $.1478 per KWh . I could buy Electric at the reduced rate of $.0938Kwh plus $1.95 per month if I installed a second meter.


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